LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We are less than a week into the mask mandate, and businesses say they are feeling the impact. Some customers are refusing to come back until all restrictions are lifted.

Robyn Bradley, owner of Beach Cafe in the southwest valley, shares most of her customers have been okay with their mask policy, while others are not.

“They say, ‘I am just walking to the counter,’ and I said, ‘Well, I realize that, but the rule is you have to have one on in the restaurant,’ and he said, ‘I’m leaving,'” she recounted.

Bradley says all of her employees are vaccinated, and keeping the safety of her customers is a top priority, which is why she won’t hesitate to enforce the rules.

“When COVID is over, and we don’t have to do this anymore, then you are welcome back,” she directed toward customers. “We just abide by the guidelines.”

New York City’s latest approach to handling the virus is by requiring proof of vaccination to enter indoor businesses. Bradley says she won’t want to do it unless she is forced to.

But some of her customers say they wouldn’t mind showing their vaccination card before taking a seat.

“I have proof of vaccine,” Isabella Aivaz told 8 News Now. “It wouldn’t bother me at all if someone asked for it.”

Others say it’s taking it too far.

“Asking for a vaccine to enter a business or do any type of business is way beyond expectation for anybody,” said Conrad Aguayo.

Over at Dema’s Pizza, owner Luan Dema says he prefers the masks on if there is a crowd of people in his pizzeria:

“If no one is here, I don’t mind it; they can forget it if they want.”

He also says his customers understand the changing times and have been following the rules.

Although the NYC mandate isn’t something found here, private businesses still have the right to ask you for your proof of vaccination.