LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Neighbors in the Mission Hills area of Henderson will meet with city planners about a new road the city wants to run through the community.

The City of Henderson said the new road will help move traffic and give access to the freeway, but neighbors believe it will disturb their peaceful community.

“While it would bring moderate traffic, the city intends to include trails and bike paths so residents can continue to ride their bikes,” said Alex Kleytman, a Mission Hills resident. “This time we’re committed to bring the whole neighborhood to the city hall and tell them once and for all that we really don’t want this road here. We want to preserve our way of life and that’s just that.”

The city is proposing extending Paradise Hills to give an additional walking and bike path to the nearby College of Southern Nevada students and reduce traffic.

City council members briefly discussed the plan last night but decided to table a decision.

“The nature has changed drastically with Nevada State College and the residential component. The original concern was truck traffic, noise, pollution. We’re not proposing any sort of factor or any sort of land use, we’re proposing a road alignment adjacent to large lots,” said Ed McGuire, Henderson Public Works director.

The meeting will take place at Henderson City Hall at 5 p.m. Wednesday Aug. 24. No decision will be made at the meeting.

Following that, the proposed plan will go to the planning commission in September and then to the city council.