LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Known as “Louisiana Fast,” Popeye’s new Chicken sandwich has definitely helped the company live up to one of its popular slogans because that is how quickly the sandwiches came and went. According to Popeye’s, they are completely sold out of the chicken sandwiches that rival Chick-Fil-A!

After a couple of weeks of people losing their minds over the fried crispy chicken filet wedged between two pieces of brioche bun, dressed with mayo, and pickles — the company announced via Twitter that they were out because “you ate them all!”

Don’t worry, we thought our eyes were playing tricks on us too, but it’s true!

Here’s the question: Are we really surprised?

Besides the lines in the store and for the drive-thru at most all of the restaurants being wrapped around the corner with people who just wanted to tickle their taste buds with “Louisiana’s best,” their commercials also warned that this exact thing could happen with their “Love that Chicken from Popeye’s” tagline.

Not to mention the fact that people were going as far as to sell these chicken sandwiches on Ebay for thousands of dollars! Which to that we insert the thinking emoji and ask, “why?”

But don’t worry, chicken fanatics: There’s still time to jump on the Popeye’s Chicken sandwich bandwagon. According to Popeye’s, at some point, their famous sandwich will return — and it will stay around for good!