LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — High school students are now creating content on social media to earn college scholarships.

17-year-old Omalina Wolfe says she enjoyed creating an Instagram video for a scholarship titled, “Holiday Fun.”

“It just stood out to me and I thought, I can do something fun with this, especially because I’m from California,” Wolfe said. “My mind went to winter, California doesn’t have winter, but fun if I did a little pun on it.”

As part of the requirement for the scholarship, she needed to use hashtags and tag her top choice university.

Jennifer Finetti of Scholarshipowl has worked as an admissions advisor and says while there are plenty of scholarships that need to be written in an essay format for high achieving students, not all scholarships are designed in that way.

“There are all kinds of fun ways that you can get scholarships,” Finetti said. “There are scholarships out there about texting and driving, there is something out there, no matter what your situation.”

Finetti also added that there are plenty of scholarships that encourage applicants to create social media posts.

“They like to look at scholarship applications that are different, a little more fun, a little more unique,” she added.

The uniqueness allows students a chance to show a different side of themselves.

Omalina’s post earned her a distinction scholarship to her top pick school.

Keeping with her creative-fun theme she says also made an acceptance video, tagging Syracuse University in her Tik Tok video, sharing the exciting news with the world.