LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Every day more people are turning to social media to express their talents.

For two local women, being an influencer is a dream and pays the bills.

“Doing hair is a full-time job. You fall in love with your clients. You eat sleep your clients. You become the brand. I am the walking brand of beauty,” said Damienne Flagler an International Stylist, Educator, and Influencer.

It’s a new age of business and Flagler says she is embracing it. She says her hairstyling company is growing thanks to social media.

“I believe that my platform grew from the transformation of my clients,” she added.

With over 400,000 Instagram followers this influencer’s average day at work is not your typical 9-5.

“Yes, this is my full-time job. This is not part-time. You are fully indebted. You are dedicated to your clients. You want them to be happy and look good,” said Flagler.

According to the Instagram planning and scheduling tool, Hopper HQ, athletes, and celebrities are some of the highest influencers earning about 1.6 million bucks per post.

It’s a key focus for DJ Monie who says while social media is important, traditional marketing — such as using billboards — shouldn’t be ignored.

“Being a DJ here in Las Vegas def provides a steady income. People are always coming here to party or create an experience. There is never a shortage of gigs,” said DJ Monie “the Risque’ d” an Influencer.

According to this online tool a regular YouTuber earns about $7.60 per 1,000 views while Google keeps 45% of the revenue.

The combination of followers, views, and sponsorships is what brings in the cash.

“I like to have a good time. I just created the environment that I wanted to be in and there we go,” said DJ Monie.

The secret according to the online agency is simple, first understand your audience and create a unique profile.

Interact with your followers, be consistent and promote.

It’s a tactic these two influencers have nailed as they continue to ride the social media wave with thousands following their every step.

“I def think there is a shift with people now becoming their own boss via social media. It’s one of the biggest trends between TikTok and IG. Youtube Influencing. I think it’s going to be something that really grows as the years go by,” said DJ Monie.

Both influencers tell 8 News Now the secret to their growing success online is finding that passion within, having patience, and sharing it with the world.