LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas is getting a new soccer stadium!  On Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council approved an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with Renaissance Group for the redevelopment project at Cashman Field.

Renaissance Companies propose a retractable, covered soccer stadium with up to 25,000 seats. It would have a surrounding living, work, and entertainment space. 

Soccer fans showed their support for the new facility by showing up to the presentation at the city council meeting. 

“There’s interest; there’s real interest here,” said Roger Tabor, soccer fan. 

“I think there is the culture here to support an MLS team,” said Derrick Clarke, soccer fan.

“The jump to MLS is what we’re looking for. That’s been the goal,” said Joey Martell, soccer fan.

According to Martell, interest in the sport continues to grow.  He attends Las Vegas Lights home games at Cashman Field.  Martell led the Electric Company in the stands, which is the team’s energetic support group. 

“There’s just so much more room for growth in Las Vegas, obviously,” Martell said. “Why stop with a USL team; move to MLS whatever it is.”

Plans to build a live, work and play space around the stadium has excited many about the rehabilitation coming to nearby neighborhoods.

“I’m a downtown guy, and it hurts to see what’s happened in surrounding areas around Cashman Field,” Tabor said. “We get major league soccer coming, and we get redevelopment of a blighted area. It’s just fantastic.”

But questions about how the project will be funded still lingers. Plans don’t outline the money for this undertaking yet, but some remain optimistic.

“I think the juice is worth the squeeze,” Clarke said. “Once you start getting all the money coming into the stadium and those development areas, I think it’s really going to bolster that part of Vegas.”

“I feel like this is ownership that wants to come in and really put their own money toward everything,” Martell said.