LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Thousands are jumping on-board a movement that’s gaining steam, especially in hospitality-driven cities, across the nation.

‘Sober Curious’ is described by Ruby Warrington, British journalist and author of “Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol”, as a point in your life when you find yourself asking these questions, among others:

  • Would life be better without alcohol?
  • Is this really all there is?
  • Why is alcohol everywhere?
  • How come I feel like an outsider, a weirdo, sometimes a problem, if I say I don’t drink?
  • Does the fact I’m asking all these questions make me an alcoholic?

Those behind this approach consider that becoming sober curious is a step toward greater wellness for yourself, from better sleep to healthier lifestyle changes, and even smarter financial decisions. One thing to note is that the movement isn’t aimed directly at struggling alcoholics; it can be anyone who wishes to change their drinking habits.

The food and beverage landscape has begun to morph to accommodate this changing state-of-mind, with more mocktail menus, health and wellness events and more.

One example is in Charleston, South Carolina, managing partner with Indigo Restaurant Group Steve Palmer told the Post and Courier his organization hosted a non-alcoholic drink competition with a liquor company. The event drew a crowd of 200.

Isabel at The Source, a bar in Denver, is a juice bar by day and cocktail bar by night. Although it features alcoholic drinks, it was designed to cater to the sober-curious movement, The Denver Post’s The Know reports. Bartenders craft drinks using fresh juice and herbs so those who choose not to drink are still enjoying something fun and delicious.

Where is the movement headed here in Las Vegas?

Bars throughout the area, including Rebar and The Dorsey, are offering more varieties of mocktails and alcohol-free bars on their menus. A support blog with the mission to explore activities in Vegas that don’t include alcohol has popped up.

Kim Miller, founder of blog “Sober in Vegas“, told Nevada Public Radio “I started it because I had the need, and I figured that if it was something I was curious about, there would probably be other people that were curious about it, as well.”

If you’re thinking about exploring the “sober curious” scene here in Sin City, Miller’s Instagram and blog is a great place to start. She posts about alcohol-free beverages she’s enjoyed, as well as fun events and places to get out and see, all without taking a drink.

To explore the philosophical side of the movement, Ruby Warrington hosts a podcast series that features several people sharing their relationships with alcohol and what it’s like to live alcohol-free.

Cheers to those working toward an alcohol-free future.