LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A verdict was announced in Thomas Randolph’s retrial for the deaths of his wife and purported handyman Thursday afternoon.

Randolph was found guilty on all counts.

He faced two murder charges and a conspiracy charge for the 2008 homicide of Sharon Clausse and Michael Miller. Charges allege Miller shot Clausse in her North Las Vegas home at Randolph’s direction, and then was subsequently shot by Randolph to cover up the crime.

Photo shows the 2008 crime scene where Sharon Clausse and Michael Miller were found shot to death in her North Las Vegas home. (KLAS)

Colleen Beyer, daughter of Clausse, testified in the retrial and called attention to the fact her mother was Randolph’s sixth wife.

“I dislike [Randolph] greatly,” Beyer said. “I don’t trust him. I think he is a con artist, and this is how he makes a living. This is his practice and what he does to women.”

Four of Randolph’s prior spouses have died.

Randolph told officers he was the victim of a robbery attempt by Miller, who he said executed Clausse. Prosecutors said his story, however, did not add up.

“It is really really hard to plan the perfect murder,” Chris Hamner, a deputy district attorney told the jury in his closing argument Wednesday. “And now that you’ve seen all the evidence, you can see how difficult it was for Mr. Randolph to try to pull this off. Because when you looked at all the evidence – now that you’ve heard it all – it is abundantly clear. He completely failed.”

A date for Randolph’s sentencing will be set.

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