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Snowy weather challenges 1st day of Nev. legislative session; lawmakers face it head-on

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A snowstorm in northern Nevada was the biggest challenge facing lawmakers Monday.  Lawmakers convened in Carson City to open up the 80th legislative session, but right now the state government is operating at limited capacity due to the storm.

The severe weather is expected to continue all the way into the evening hours on Tuesday night. However, the snow has not hampered what has happened inside of the Capitol Monday.

Lawmakers marked the milestone of it being the first time women make up the majority of the legislature in Nevada and any state in the country with a ceremonial start to the session that included the swearing-in of lawmakers and passing the bills that fund the operation of the session, along with assigning the first batch of bills to committees.

Politics NOW Host Patrick Walker spoke with the longest-serving assemblywoman and another member of the assembly who is starting her first session in Carson City about getting to work in earnest.

“It meant a lot; all the women that have come before me, and now being able to help the next generation that’s coming up, it’s going to be a great adventure that we’re going to have for the next four months,” said Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton, D, Clark County.

“I came here many times as a child, and now to be here myself as a legislator, it’s very humbling, and it’s an honor to be here to serve and to be elected, and of course to be here as the first female majority legislature in the country,” said Assemblywoman Melissa Hardy, R, Clark County.

Lawmakers hurried to get through their business Monday because legislative leaders began sending staff members home during the afternoon due to the weather.

When the legislators finished their business, they left as well, so that the remaining staff could go home due to the storm.


As it’s scheduled now, the committees are scheduled to meet Tuesday to begin considering the first bills that were read on the floor Monday morning, but everything is based on the weather conditions.

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