LAS VEGAS – The Southern Nevada Health District received a report of a positive case of coronavirus disease in an individual who was accessing homeless services at Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada and the Homeless Courtyard operated by the City of Las Vegas. According to the SNHD, the man told health officials he was accessing the services at the facilities while he was symptomatic. 

The man is currently asymptomatic and no longer considered a risk of exposure to others, SNHD said. 

The Health District is working with the agencies to notify appropriate staff, volunteers, and clients of their possible exposure to COVID-19 because of their possible contact with the man.

They are being provided with information on signs and symptoms to look for, and instructions on what to do if they develop symptoms of COVID-19.

The Health District is emphasizing that those most at risk for COVID-19 include people who have had daily repeated and prolonged exposure. The risk is low for people who had brief contact with an infected individual, SNHD said. 

People who are asymptomatic can continue to work, but staff and volunteers should assess their symptoms. If anyone develops symptoms, they should not go to work, and they should self-isolate at home. 

The Health District will work with individuals to coordinate testing at Catholic Charities and in the Homeless Courtyard.

As a precaution, Catholic Charities is temporarily closing its emergency night shelter for men. The organization is working with the City of Las Vegas and the Health District to identify a temporary site to relocate shelter services. The Health District is working with the agency to ensure the continuing health and safety of its staff, volunteers, and clients.

Up to date information on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus is available on the Health District website here. SNHD’s website reports 249 cases in southern Nevada, while the Department of Health and Human Service reports 321 cases in the entire state.