LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It has become a major problem in the vaccine process here in the valley — “no-shows” to appointments — especially when it comes to that important second dose. Health leaders are trying to figure out why and what to do. 

As many of you know the convention center is one of two mega vaccination sites. On Thursday, 8 News Now learned more than a quarter of the appointments made for the second dose are no-shows. 

People are showing up to get their first vaccine shot, but not their second. 

Misty Robinson with the Southern Nevada Health District brought this issue forward during a statewide COVID-19 mitigation meeting Thursday. 

“We have noticed a 36% no show rate for second doses,” Robinson said. “We are not sure why that is the case.” 

“It might be a hesitancy issue or people might be appointment shopping and scheduling appointments in multiple places,” Robinson continued. 

They believe some may be getting the second dose from a pharmacy and not canceling their appointment.  

Earlier this month, long lines left many people frustrated with the process, but that has cleared up.  

“We are working to provide additional information to encourage people to get their second dose,” Robinson said. 

So far, in Clark County there have been roughly 372,000 vaccines administered, 103,000 of those have been second doses.  

This week, the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine is being reviewed by the FDA. 

“That will be easier, for some of our public who want to get the vaccine but don’t necessarily want to come back twice,” Robinson said. 

State officials say the vaccine review process won’t take long. 

“If we go by what has happened previously with the other two products, we could see the Johnson & Johnson product in the next week or so,” said Candice McDaniel of the Department of Health and Human Services. 

This week the health district expects to administer roughly 30,000 doses. 

They are asking if you are not going to show up to an appointment, please call and cancel.