LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A cool day at Mount Charleston provided just the weather that “Pine Dining” organizers were hoping for on Saturday afternoon.

By 2:30 p.m., the cooking stations were producing treats for patrons who paid $75 plus another $25 for shuttle service to the site of the event — a temporary building at the site of the Mount Charleston Lodge, which burned down in September. It was 78 on the mountain, and 104 in the Las Vegas valley.

Chef James Trees of Esther’s Kitchen was the featured chef for a Saturday afternoon event, followed by an evening event, and a Sunday “VIP” event that cost $175. The weekend sold out, and proceeds are going to the ALS Association.

Tickets are available for events the next three weekends at Next week, Justin Kingsley Hall of Main St. Provisions is the featured chef. Weekend 2 proceeds benefit The Cupcake Girls.

It was a team effort for Trees, who brought four chefs from his Las Vegas restaurants with him: Stephen Lee from Esther’s Kitchen, Dylan Jobsz from L’Aristocrat, Jackson Stamper from Ada’s Wine Bar and Adam Rios from Al Solito Posto.

“Having them have their own stations and be a part of something, I think it’s a huge thing for our team. We’re really excited to be part of this amazing event.”

We asked how creating Italian cuisine for Esther’s Kitchen translates to an event like “Pine Dining,” and he smiled.

“It definitely does not. We are cooking on the fly here. Cooking outdoors, cooking in a tent, it’s a whole different thing than in a restaurant where it’s controlled. It’s all about maintaining logistics and making sure that everyone’s having a good time. That’s what’s important to us.”

The menu displayed at the Al Solito Posto station offered prosciutto and melon, Brentwood corn gnocchi, deep fried lasagna and tiramisu. Porters with trays of food and ingredients for the live cooking stations weaved in and out of the tables as people mingled during the three-hour Saturday afternoon kickoff.

Philip Patent of Las Vegas raved about the deep fried lasagna from the Al Solito Posto station and the creamy cheese from the Ada’s Wine Bar station.

Raymond Woods was a big fan of the tiramisu and the pan-fried gnocchi.

Artist Jerry Misko was there and said the prosciutto melon was fantastic, and he also mentioned salmon mousse cream with caviar on top. He said he was thinking about coming back for next weekend’s event. Misko, who is Croatian, said he also got Croatian wine from the Ada’s station on Saturday.

A patio on the temporary building, along with nearby picnic tables, allowed diners to enjoy the fresh air.

Christina Ellis is part of the family that owns the lodge site. “We wanted to get people up here to enjoy the space. We thought culinary pop-ups from our favorite chefs from in town would be amazing, and people are really loving it.”

The lodge burned down in September. Ellis said the family, which also owns Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery, still plans to rebuild the lodge, but didn’t provide any new details.