Smart products take center stage at CES 2020

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Smart products are taking center stage this year at CES 2020. They’re integrating the latest technology into everyday tools — all to make our lives easier.

“Forget everything you know about that whole experience,” said Rick Hardy-Cheam, the VP of Sales and Marketing at 1Valet. “We recreated it all, and modernized it in a way that makes it a little bit easier.”

Introducing the smart apartment from 1Valet. Gone are the traditional ways of entering your highrise.

Everything is done through the smartphone, so all you must do is take three selfies. Once those three selfies are uploaded into the system, all you must do is press the facial recognition option on the device. A camera will pop up, and then within just a matter of seconds, it will unlock and allow you access into the building.

You can also tap a virtual button and the door opens. The trendy tech will be available to U.S. developers later this year.

Also coming soon — the Plaqless Pro Toothbrush from Colgate. It uses an LED system that shines a blue light on buildup in your teeth as you brush them in real-time. The light turns white when you’ve cleaned it up.

“What’s great is, plaque we know, is the enemy of good oral health, and this is the first brush on the market that can actually give people the feedback to help them overcome that,” said Derek Manwaring, the business lead at Colgate Direct.

Another cool piece of tech — Withings has developed a watch with a sensor that can detect sleep apnea. You just wear it overnight and look at the results in the app.

“It is estimated that 1 billion people worldwide are impacted by sleep apnea, so it’s kind of important and huge, and this is why actually we want to help the diagnosis,” said Morgane Descat, Global Marketing Developing Manager with Withings.

It appears the future is here.

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