LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new bill signed by Gov. Steve Sisolak will provide more money to thousands of struggling small businesses.

Assembly Bill 106 will pump an additional $50 million into the Pandemic Emergency Technical Support Grant Program. This additional funding will bring the total to more than $100 million in relieft making it the largest small business assistance program in state history.     

The task at hand now will be getting the money into the hands of small businesses. There will be $10,000 grants to an estimated 9,000 or so small businesses or non-profits that qualify.

Javier Anaya with Pinches Tacos said some employees have had to pick up second jobs to get by during the pandemic and its been very tough on business owners.

“Of course, it’s a nice gesture. The first time we applied we got denied and haven’t got a reason yet. I guess that’s the frustrating part. They’re offering the money, but how can we get it? Knowing we’re suffering. It already being the toughest business industry to be in and going through that and not getting the help we deserve from the state and federal,” Anaya said.

The Nevada Restaurant Association applauds the passage of the bill . In a written statement, it said, “with the recent increase in dine-in capacity our operators are encouraged, however without full capacity they are still facing serious difficulties.”

The restaurant association estimates that 30% of restaurants in Nevada closed permanently by the end of 2020 leading to a loss off more than 16,000.