LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– More than 60 million people are expected to shop online this year for Cyber Monday. In addition to major retailers, many small businesses are getting in on holiday discounts.

Therapie Boutique sells women’s clothing, accessories, and even some stocking stuffers right now. They’re promoting big sales online for Cyber Monday–and applying that in-store as well.

Jessica Boone, Owner of Therapie Boutique says it’s been an interesting shopping season. She’s noticed many customers are shopping online due to convenience or not wanting to be in crowds–but there has also been a push to shop local in-store due to how the pandemic has hurt small businesses.

“It just makes it easier when we can get ahead of what the big guys are doing, and for us as a small business, as difficult as shipping has been lately we can still pivot easier than one of the big stores when they have to take longer,” Boone said.

Boone says shipping has been a challenge, which is why there are still some slightly out-of-season products.

With that said, she says it’s much easier to work around since they order smaller quantities, and she has the ability to drive out-of-state to pick up products.

“It’s easier when you’re ordering small quantities. If someone comes in and requests something special, it’s easier for me to find it or I can even just drive to California and pick it up, where a big store they have to go through a lot of hoops to get what they need,” Boone added.

Boone started holiday discounts a week ahead of Black Friday to stay competitive, and give customers a chance to shop small before they go to major retailers

Despite shipping concerns and supply chain issues, FedEx and USPS say they’ll be able to handle the volume of shipments this holiday season. However, they do recommend shipping items early than normal this year