LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As a COVID-19 case resurgence has some fearing the chance of a second shutdown, 8 News Now spoke with a small business owner who has concerns for the future. 

“It has been horrible,” Jesssica Boone said of her experience owning a small business in the age of COVID-19. “There are days when we don’t have a single person walk through the doors and it’s scary.”

Boone said she’s managed to keep “Therapie Boutique” in business near Fort Apache Road and Sahara Avenue, but she worries about what would happen after another round of increased restrictions. 

“It’s hard to hear that I’m not essential when this is my livelihood,” Boone added, sharing her frustration. “This is how I support my family.”

Governor Steve Sisolak has encouraged Nevadans to stay home, citing a resurgence in coronavirus case numbers in recent weeks. 

CEO of E7 Health Dr. Jonathan Baktari said his team has also seen a concerning increase. 

“We’ve seen an uptick in testing and we’ve been seeing an uptick in positive results,” Dr. Baktari explained. “Especially among younger people.”

He said more activity leads to more risk of transmission, so he said it’s crucial for us all to take precautions. 

“The more parties you go to, the more you interact with,” Dr. Baktari said. “Is strictly a numbers game. “You are going to be more at risk.”

Boone also encourages everyone to stay healthy, so she can keep her doors safely open. 

“It’s hard to see that the big businesses will live through this,” she concluded. “And so many of our small businesses might not make it.”

Boone said she does have an online component to her store, which she will fall back on if necessary, but her business would still take a hit. 

Boone said she sanitizes her entire store multiple times a day, requires masks, and follows strict capacity limits. 

She said she and other small business owners plan to hold early Black Friday events this coming weekend to sell off inventory in case Governor Sisolak announces a second shutdown next week. 

You can visit the Therapie Boutique website by CLICKING HERE.