LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Officers competed in a race to be slowest as part of their training in Week 1 of Motor School.

The event was a chance for officers from the Metro, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Highway Patrol, Kingman and Bullhead City to show their control of 850-pound motorcycles at the slowest speeds they could manage at the course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

As they were knocked out of the competition, officers lined up to offer … encouragement?

“Go slow faster!”

“Go faster slower!”

See the full video of the competition below including the final, when one of the officers has to lay down his bike:

The event marked the end of Motor School Week 1 training for 19 students from the six agencies.

Officer Kelly Cannon of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Bureau narrates as she captures video of the event. Part of her description:

“The goal is to make it last to the end line without putting your foot down, without dropping your bike, without going out of the pattern. If you win, you’re to go back in line at the end. If you lose, you’re out. Line up and heckle away,” Cannon says.

We won’t give away who won the event — watch the video for that — but Metro, Henderson and Kingman made it into the final four.