LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Skye Canyon residents are speaking out against a proposed convenience store in the northwest valley neighborhood saying it defeats the purpose of why they initially moved there.

A dirt lot near Grand Teton Drive and North Hualapai Way is where a proposed Green Valley Grocery would be. It would have a gas station, RV car wash, and a convenience store with gaming and alcohol sales.

The Las Vegas City Council will vote on this next month.

“We moved here because it’s away from the city. We didn’t move here to be clogged and congested,” said Skye Canyon, Andrea Leal.

Leal and fellow neighbor Don Miller feel as if the planning commission is not considering the resident’s opinions in this matter. They do not think that the project will serve the community well and instead hinder it.

“It is going to be six to eight pumps and there’s gonna be alcohol sales and gambling on site and a convenience store. We are not interested in the trash or the noise or congestion, it’s just an inappropriate project,” said Miller. “We already have five gas stations within a mile and half of the proposed site.”

Miller said that he is concerned about the increase in crime and pollution this may bring as the proposed site is located right in the middle of dense residential housing.

“They are going to generate a ton of traffic, with an RV-sized car wash so that means we are going to have a long stream of RV’s idling on the side of the road waiting to get washed right by our houses,” Miller said.

Many residents told 8 News Now they also feel as if the approval process was pushed without proper consideration after they found out about the proposal just days before it was voted on and approved by the Las Vegas Planning Commission.

The city stated that postcard notifications were sent out to neighbors who live within 1500 ft of the proposed project, however, the time frame of when these cards were sent is unknown.

The City Council will vote on Nov. 16 and will discuss the special use permit for gaming and alcohol sales. If approved, it is up to the developer as to when construction will start.

There is a community meeting planned for Wednesday night at 6 p.m. on how they can stop the project. The community has also asked City Council members to attend the meeting.

The meeting is open to the public and will be held at the Skye Canyon Master Planned Community Center.

8 News Now has reached out to the president of Green Valley Grocery several times to answer questions about the proposed store, however, there has not been a response yet.