LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– People in Skye Canyon are experiencing higher amounts of package theft as their community continues to grow.

David Eckerson has been a Skye Canyon resident for more than two years and said more and more people in the area are having packages stolen.

“There’s been occasions where I’ve chased people out between the hours of one and five in the morning,” said Eckerson, “when they commonly do their casing of the area and look for easy targets.”

Victor Zamora, another Skye Canyon resident, said thieves are stealing packages off porches, as well as construction material from new developments.

“A lot of people aren’t home during the day,” said Zamora, “construction sites are getting hit by people stealing either supplies or fuel.”

With new construction, he said gates sometimes remain open and anyone can go in. Buying a camera, or other at-home security systems, he said is the best advice he can give to homeowners.

Some communities in Skye Canyon do have on-site security, but some say the best way to prevent theft is to get to know your neighbors and if you see something, say something.