LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Over the past year, many businesses and families have moved to Skye Canyon located in the northwest valley.

Some of the newer developments are focused around Skye Canyon Park Drive and Skye Village Road. It’s located off U.S. 95.

Throughout 2020 Skye Canyon Marketplace welcomed one business after another.

“It’s definitely exciting; we see a lot of vacant spaces, and we’re just excited to see what’s coming in and all the new restaurants,” said Robin Hargett, resident of the Northwest valley.

Over the next few months, even more businesses will open in the area that is bustling, including a barbershop, a sushi restaurant, bob’s big boy, and a locally-owned pet hospital.

“We’re going to be doing low-cost vaccines, low-cost dental cleanings,” said Dr. Gill of Skye Canyon Pet Hospital. [Along with] “surgeries ranging from basic spay and neuters to more complicated orthopedic surgeries.”

Dr. Gill’s Animal Hospital will open its doors in April, joining a few other medical facilities in or near the Sky Canyon Marketplace, including a 24/7 ER from Mountain View Hospital, which is under construction.

“The more businesses that come, I’m pretty sure it’s going to attract more people,” Dr. Gill said. “Especially with the essential businesses.”

In addition to new businesses, Skye Canyon is also adding new homes. Crews are hard at work building up the next residential area.

There are currently 13 different Skye Canyon communities selling homes.
Out of the 2,300 available, 1,900 have already been sold to families like Robin Hargett and her husband.

“We were looking for a change, and we got a hold of our realtor, and he told us this was the new nice booming area,” Haggert said. [It’s] “a great family community with lots of great parks and still a lot of stores around us and all my favorites.”

Skye Canyon is also in the process of developing two new parks that will include basketball courts, fields, and children’s play areas. One will also have a dog park.