Skepticism surrounded Fleming and Luster’s story about disappearance of Francillon Pierre

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A former North Las Vegas detective recounts a cold case that has weighed heavy on his mind for decades, but after 33 years, there’s finally been a break.

(See Channel 8 stories from the case when it began in 1986, at the bottom of the page)

Police in Florida arrested 60-year-old Amy Flemming, formerly known as Amy Luster, for the death of her 3-year-old son, Francillon Pierre.

On Monday, in a news conference, North Las Vegas Police held a news conference where they said that there is evidence that connects Fleming to the disappearance of her son Francillon, who was nicknamed “YoYo.”

The agency said it first received new information about the case in 2017. They say multiple jail letters between Fleming and Lee Luster led them to arrest her on an open murder charge.

That arrest was in January 2019, but the sad story of Francillon’s disappearance began more than three decades ago.

All of southern Nevada was fixated on Amy Fleming (then Amy Luster) and Lee luster. The couple was a mother and stepfather of a little boy, who disappeared without a trace.

Francillon Pierre was reported missing in Aug.1986 after Fleming and Luster told police they lost track of him at the Broad Acres Swap Meet in North Las Vegas.

But from the very beginning, both police and the public were skeptical about the story.  Mostly because of child abuse charges against the couple from the year before. Dozens of welts were found on Francillon’s back.

Investigators worked tirelessly to solve the case, but kept hitting dead ends.  Fleming even accused Francillon’s biological father, Jean Pierre, of taking the boy back to Haiti with him. However, police cleared Jean Pierre through lie detector results.

Fleming and Luster also took polygraph tests and failed.  Also bizarre, one month after Francillon disappeared, the couple tried to sell some of the boy’s toys at a garage sale.

The pair later moved to Florida because they said they felt attacked in the Las Vegas valley.  Despite the red flags, no charges were filed against them in the 80s because nothing specifically tied them to Francillon’s disappearance.

But now, North Las Vegas Police have discovered jail letters between Fleming and Luster — and in one, she writes, “what happened was totally unintentional.”

Fleming was arrested in January in Dania Beach near Fort Lauderdale on an open murder charge — even though investigators say Francillone’s body still hasn’t been found.

“We’d love to have the body of Francillon or DNA evidence that proves something,” said Steve Wiese, North Las Vegas Police Dept.  “That’s not what this case is. This is a case of a lot of little things that, put together; give us the knowledge that Amy Fleming was involved in the homicide of her child.”

North Las Vegas Police say Amy Fleming is currently in the process of being extradited back to Nevada.  Although there is still no information about how Francillon presumably died, authorities say some justice was still served.


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