LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Gov. Steve Sisolak made an announcement on Thursday regarding COVID-19 testing and the state’s response to the pandemic.

At the news conference with the media on Thursday, the governor said he recently finalized an order of more than half a million COVID Flow flex test kits that will be delivered to the state by the end of January.

“I’ve asked the shipment and delivery of these tests to be fast-tracked as possible to meet the current need,” said Gov. Sisolak.

The test kits will then be distributed state-wide with the bulk being delivered to Southern Nevada locations including libraries, health care clinics, Chamber of Commerce locations, Fire districts, and more.

According to the governor, the incoming test kit order is being covered by federal COVID relief funding.

The governor went on to mention several times throughout the news conference that there would be no additional shutdowns moving forward in Nevada, but that current mask mandates would stay in place for the time being.

“We don’t want to take a step backward. Right now we want to stick to the protocols we have in place,” said Gov. Sisolak.

During Thursday’s announcement, the governor was joined by Julia Peek, the deputy administrator with the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, and Dave Fogerson, the chief of the Nevada Division of Emergency Management.