LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Residents in Silverstone Ranch in the northwest Valley are being asked to join a virtual town hall. According to a Facebook post, the topic is the closed golf course in the middle of the community.

Some residents aren’t happy with the online town hall idea.

“I picked the house for the open space,” said resident Pat Spilotro.

Spilotro said he paid a $70,000 premium for his Silverstone Ranch lot back in 2006.

“I get sick when I look out here,” lamented Spilotro. “It turns my stomach when I look out here.”

A few years back, the course was purchased and then shut down.

“There is a deed restriction that says there has to be a 27-hole championship golf course out there,” Spilotro explained.

He said the golf course has been a legal issue for years.

“We are in mediation,” said Spilotro, “We are supposed to look at this meeting and vote.”

He showed us a flyer he got in the mail, regarding the future of the golf course. It was a proposal that there would be a sale of nine holes, millions of dollars in legal fees returned to homeowners, and 18 holes would be deeded to the homeowners association.

At the top, the flyer says there will soon be a vote.

Spilotro said there is a plan to develop more houses on parts of the course.

“We don’t want anymore houses in the neighborhood,” Spilotro stated.

A post on the Silverstone Ranch homeowners association Facebook page showed there is an upcoming virtual town hall to discuss the golf course. According to the post, it is being hosted by the owners of the golf course, Stoneridge Parkway, LLC.

“They are going to present their offer, and then we have to vote,” explained resident Jon Bradford.

Some residents are not happy with the “virtual idea.” Bradford said he is worried about the home he bought to retire in.

“The most they can put on Zoom is a thousand, and there are 1,526 homeowners,” said Bradford, “so, it will be interesting to see how that plays out. It is just going to be a watch only, no question and answer.”

The Zoom meeting is set for next Thursday, June 4, at 6:30 p.m, and details are on the association Facebook page.

8 News Now reached out to the communications company listed on the flyer sent to the homeowners. They told us they are working to get some questions answered for us.

We also reached out to the Silverstone Ranch HOA for more information about the meeting. They have yet to send a response.