LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s being called the “Shrinkflation” trend, and most recently it’s been most noticeable when it comes to some of the popular food and household products many consumers are buying.

The size of the items seems to be shrinking yet it’s costing consumers more.

Angel Valentine is a mother of three and tells 8 News Now, that inflation is making it challenging for her family to get by.

“We are getting less but we are still paying more,” she said. “I’ve seen where the quality of products has gone down and what you’re actually getting the quantity as well.”

For some consumers, it means going back and forth to the store because they are running out of things quicker.

Joel Estrada is the district manager for Marketon grocery store and tells 8 News Now he agrees and added that he initially started seeing a significant change in product sizing this past spring.

Joel Estrada, district manager at Marketon in Las Vegas takes a closer look at the inventory. (KLAS)

“Yeah, I’ve noticed that a lot of the packages are being reduced on ounces or sizes,” he said. “Like on Gatorade, you know, from 32 ounces to 28 ounces, so it’s a new package people don’t notice.”

Estrada also says other common household products such as detergent and toilet paper have also recently changed in size.

Bryan Wachter is with the Retail Association of Nevada and addressed the new changes to portion size in products in a statement to 8 News Now.

As a common alternative to price increases, more manufacturers are making adjustments to the portion size of some products. Consumers might consider store brands, price matching policies, and online markets as they shop for their family’s needs.

Retail Association of Nevada

Estrada also offered some tips to shoppers looking to save, including saving digital coupons, and looking at the price per ounce or unit price, typically found on store shelf price tags.