LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The average Nevadan would give up four years of their life to continue eating fast food, according to a study released by

It’s among the latest reports that point to the adverse health effects of poor nutrition — particularly, food that just isn’t good for you. Some of the stats in the study might make you laugh:

  • About 1 in 4 people believe that moderate consumption of fast food has health benefits
  • 51% of Nevadans admit that they ignore studies about fast food’s impact on health
  • Asked which fast food item had the greatest health benefits, respondents said:
    • 45% — a foot-long sandwich
    • 20% — tacos or burritos
    • 11% — pizza with meat toppings
    • 8% — burger and fries
    • 8% — a bucket of fried chicken wings

But the negative effects of fast food are no laughing matter. While we constantly hear about bad choices, there are things you can eat that will actually help. Snacking on a handful of nuts and seeds can prolong your life by 26 minutes. Eat a serving of salmon and add 16 minutes. Sadly, many Americans still choose a hot dog, which will get you 36 minutes closer to your grave. A single chicken wing? 3 minutes and 30 seconds closer.

To see the full survey on survey, go to “Live Fried, Die Young?” provides information about prescription drugs.

The survey found that people in Hawaii, Montana and North Dakota had the least regard for their health when it comes to fast food, saying they would give up 12 years of their lives to continue eating fast food. On the other end of the spectrum, residents of Alaska, Colorado, Maine and Mississippi said they would give up 2 years to keep eating fast food.