LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill expressed his displeasure with the recent jail release of an alleged serial bank robber who, along with an accomplice, is accused of either robbing or attempting to rob nine Las Vegas and Henderson banks in a 20-day period.

“I learned this morning that one of them is already out of jail,” McMahill said during his State of the Department address Wednesday morning.

McMahill was referring to suspect Brad Haino, who is facing five counts of robbery, three counts of attempted robbery, and eight counts of burglary. He was released from the Clark County Detention Center with no bail on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Brad Haino is facing robbery and attempted robbery charges. (KLAS)

“Guy robs nine banks in 20 days and he’s walking around on our streets again, which is a conversation that I as a leader and other law enforcement leaders and other elected officials have to have about letting these individuals out so quickly if they’re committing serious felonies,” he said.

McMahill discussed how the Metro Fusion Center recently used its cameras to help officers capture the suspects and showed the video during his address.

Video of suspects in car. (Credit: LVMPD Fusion Center)

The video shows a burgundy-colored vehicle with two people inside. According to the recording on the video, a worker at the Fusion Center can be heard describing to officers what the car is doing.

“The vehicle pulled into a nearby apartment complex and it had a plate on it and it just pulled back out and has no plate,” the woman said.

The video was taken on Feb. 1, the day Haino and Thomas were taken into custody.

LVMPD Fusion Center Video below:

The video shows the car heading onto Nellis Boulevard from Steward Avenue before two men can be seen walking and crossing Nellis Boulevard toward a grocery store. According to court documents, they were targeting a satellite bank in the grocery store.

The next piece of video shows the officers arriving at the scene where the two men were arrested.

Thomas is facing similar charges as Haino but remained in the detention center as of Wednesday because he has a prior conviction. He and Haino are set to have preliminary hearings on Feb. 21, 2023.