LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Alicia Gibellina is remembered as an animal lover and a selfless person. 

“She would give you the shirt off her back,” said Diana Gibellina, Alicia’s daughter. 

Diana sat down with 8 News Now and reflected on the night of May 11. 

“I was trying to text and call my mom, and I thought she was busy at work,” Diana said. “On my way home, I have to pass by the store, and that is how I found out.”

Alicia Gibellina shown here was killed following a robbery on May 11 at a Dotty’s near Flamingo and Jones. (Diana Gibellina)

Police said Samuel Schmid, 28, went inside Dotty’s near Flamingo and Jones and stole a woman’s purse.

Gibellina, the manager, then went outside to confront Schmid in the parking lot. 

Police said that during this confrontation, Schmid, who was driving a stolen vehicle, ran Gibellina over before he drove away.

Gibellina was taken to the hospital, where she later died. 

“It is just a senseless act,” Diana said. “I can’t wrap my brain around it.”

Schmid was arrested in California five days later. 

“It was very painful,” Diana said. “I probably did not sleep for a good three or four days.” 

Although nothing can bring her mom back, Diana said she wants Schmid to know the magnitude of his crime. 

“I don’t think he realizes what he took from our family, he took the most important woman in my life,” she said. “He will have his day in court, and he will have to answer for what he did.”

Schmid will be brought back to Nevada to face murder and robbery charges. 

He has had many run-ins with the law before, and was released from prison in December. For that release, he did not have to pay bail and was told to stay out of trouble, the 8 News Now I-Team reported. 

Police are still looking for the car he was driving that night.