LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — An afterschool fight, which ended with four students getting clipped by a minivan being driven by a parent, started over claims of ongoing bullying, Las Vegas Metropolitan police officers wrote in an arrest report released Tuesday.

Jaquitta Madison, 36, faces four counts of battery with a deadly weapon related to the Friday incident.

Officers said they were called to an alley behind a business on Maryland Parkway near Silverado Ranch Boulevard for a report of a driver intentionally running over children, the arrest report said.

In all, seven children had minor injuries in the incident, which began as an afterschool fight, police said. All of the victims had minor scrapes or bruises, police said.

A responding officer began looking for the car involved, finding it unoccupied and parked across the street. The driver was determined to be a parent of a student, police said.

Video from a witness shows a verbal argument outside of a business between two women. Surrounding them were an estimated 20-30 students, police said.

At one point, a witness said a woman, later identified as Madison, gets into an argument with a student and the student punched the woman, police said. The woman then got into the driver’s seat of the van, accelerated forward and backward several times before driving off, police said.

Video also showed a young person, believed to be another student, sitting in the van’s passenger seat, police said.

A witness later told police Madison retrieved a gun from the back of her car, but “hesitated” with the firearm and put it back in her trunk, the report said.

At one point during the incident, people yelled, “Mom has a gun!” and “She has a gun!” the report said.

Police took Madison into custody at her home. During an interview, she told investigators her son has been the victim of bullying for several months.

Madison told police she confronted the student and his mother in the alley after school. During the argument, another student became involved.

In all, four students were hurt from the car, police said, with seven injured in the incident.

Police had originally charged Madison with six counts of battery with a deadly weapon and one count of child abuse.

When announcing those charges, a Metro spokesperson described the fight and ensuing incident this way in a news release: “When the confrontation ended, a female adult suspect got into a vehicle and drove away from the area. While doing so, she clipped four juveniles resulting in superficial injuries.”

The word “clipped” was bolded and underlined.

A judge set Madison’s bail at $20,000. Records show she posted bail on Tuesday, but her release was denied.