LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County School District students will begin their fourth week of school on Monday.

Yet there are still children who are not properly enrolled. A big issue has been shared housing which applies to families who have a shared long-term living arrangement.

An example of the living arrangement could be that of blended families or multigenerational families living together.

Phillip Cole currently lives in shared housing and said because of the new regulations in place it’s been hard for his son to get enrolled in school.

“My kids are starting Monday so they haven’t started school yet because we had to get things notarized and things like that,” he said.

Groups such as the National Action Network (NAN) called out CCSD for the lack of students in class this year. Stating that it’s their new enrollment policy keeping these kids behind and that the school district should lift requirements.

In a letter sent in return to NAN, the school district responded by stating that the new shared housing process was done to align with school assignment changes and that there is no truth to the claim that 10,000 students are not attending class.

CCSD also stated that throughout the summer break, communication regarding the changes was clear with over 30,000 phone calls as well as a number of emails reminding families of the changes.

The school district also confirmed to 8 News Now on Friday that the total number of students approved for shared housing is close to 13,800 for the school year.