LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Bicyclist safety across Southern Nevada roadways was at the forefront of Thursday’s special enforcement by community leaders and law enforcement.

Officers spent four hours enforcing laws and educating the drivers to share the road with cyclists.

According to traffic laws, drivers must change to an adjacent lane if it is open or safe to do so. If the lane is not open drivers must provide three feet to cyclists if passing within the same lane.

Over the course of the day, 108 violaters were caught by officers and 120 citations were issued.

Law enforcement officers out patrolling the valley on Thursday said there’s a lot drivers need to think about while behind the wheel.

“There’s been a lot of unfortunate events in the valley and across the nation. I just think that people don’t understand how big of a vehicle they’re in and the dynamic of being on a bike,” Sgt. Campbell said.

Police also ask cyclists to ride safely and predictably by using the rightmost lane and adhering to roadway laws.

“This is an ‘All hands on deck’ operation. When someone dies on our roadway it affects us all. Let’s combat these issues together and solve them once and for all!” The Clark County School District Police Department wrote on its Facebook page on Thursday.