LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Musical festival season is under in the Las Vegas valley and one of the hottest festivals is happening this weekend.

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Music Festival is in its 26th year and will be at The Orleans Hotel and Casino from Friday, April 28 through Sunday, April 30.

It’s dubbed the longest-running local music festival.

“Music is first! That’s the number one reason for Viva Las Vegas,” said Tomas Ingram, festival organizer.

Music, fashion, and hot rods are all part of the festival.

“When I first said I wanted to do a weekend in Vegas, all my friends said ‘Naw you won’t get placed in Vegas,’ Ingram said.

Now, more than two decades later, weekend festival goers can experience four days of non-stop 50s music from bands around the world and more.

Car show at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Music Festival. (KLAS)

“A car show, where the cars have to be built before 1964, we’ve got burlesque shows, we have different sorts of meetups.”

Ingram said it’s stood the test of time.

“We do it by sticking to what we first set out to do.”

The music of legends such as Chuck Berry and Jerry Lewis may be gone but their iconic performances are recreated with new talent like The Centuries. Group members Bert Avalos, Zander Griffith, and Dylan Patterson say they will play classics as well as new tunes.

“This is definitely the most important one I’d say in terms of getting out there and getting people who really care about the music that you’re playing to hear you. We look forward to it all year so we’re excited to be here.”  

Tickets start at $40 and are still available at this link.