LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several individuals are waiting on the results of their efforts to appeal their cases in which they were denied from receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) benefits.

Throughout the pandemic, there have been extensive backups in the system of the Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR), and people are still waiting for answers today.

Entertainer Brett Pruneau told 8 News Now’s Joe Moeller that he filed for benefits only to be denied. He filed an appeal 6 months ago.

“Just recently I was notified that my appeal is valid, but it hasn’t gone any further than that yet,” Pruneau said. “If you miss your hearing, that is that. I am checking twice a day to just kind of see if I get a notification on when I am supposed to see an adjudicator.”

Pruneau is still worried that he won’t receive payments for all the time he couldn’t work.

“It is my livelihood, every cent of it is money I would have earned if I was able to work during the pandemic,” Pruneau stated.

Some have been waiting for more than a year to hear anything about their payments, and people have been posting to a popular Facebook assistance group that they are also worried about missing their hearings.

“Those people are struggling with a variety of different issues like where they should be notified as far as when their appeal hearing is, their appeal still not being reviewed, their appeals being invalid,” Facebook page administrator Amber Hansen said.

According to Hansen, the problems of individuals waiting to hear anything vary, but some people are never called by DETR on their hearing date being set.

“Normally what happens is that it tells you the date and a time you are getting a phone call from the appeals tribune… there are a couple of people in that thread that say they sit around all day and nobody has called,” the administrator said.

Hansen urges claimants to vigilantly watch their portals for updates and to reach out to Nevada Legal Services for further assistance. According to DETR, PUA claimants will get updates on their portal, while regular unemployment income claimants will be updated through a letter via mail.

For more assistance, individuals are recommended to call DETR Wednesday through Friday, which are their less busy days.

DETR told 8 News Now they will provide a number of just how many people are still waiting to have their appeals heard.

If you need help with a claim or an appeal, here are some resources:

  • Unemployment Insurance Information — Southern Nevada: 702-486-0350
  • Unemployment Insurance Information — Northern Nevada: 775-684-0350
  • Nevada Legal Services Las Vegas: 702-386-0404
  • Nevada Legal Services website
  • DETR website