Sen. Cory Booker campaigns to younger crowd at Cheyenne High School

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There are only about 8-months left until Nevada’s State Caucus, which is why after a brief break, Democratic presidential hopefuls are back in the Silver State trying to woo voters.

Senator Cory Booker, D-NJ, held an event at Cheyenne High School.  It’s the third time Booker has come to the state since announcing his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

“I’m just grateful to have everybody here,” Sen. Booker said to the crowd.  “I believe that there’s nothing we can’t do if we come together.”

Currently, Booker is polling seventh nationwide with two percent, which puts him in the top third of the 23 candidates running.

“You know, the 2020 election doesn’t stand for the year, it stands for the number of people running; 2,020 people running for the Democratic nomination,” he jokingly said as the crowd laughed.

Part of Booker’s strategy is to engage Millenials, along with the younger Generation Z, many of whom are just old enough to vote.

Centennial High School graduating senior Trinity Beaman is one of them.

“When we see people run for president, or senators and stuff, we don’t get to see how they act in person; their body language, and that really tells a lot about people,” Beaman said.

The students asked about women’s rights, support for younger Americans, and gun violence. Beaman asked about climate change.

“I feel like climate change and global warming, that’s really a big issue, and he’s really trying to help the younger generations,” she said.

The Republican party was quick to dismiss Booker’s visit, saying:

“Cory Booker is falling in line with the pack of 2020 candidates’ costly agenda of absurd proposals like government-run healthcare and the $93 trillion job-killing green new deal. While that may play well with elitists in L.A. or New York City, Nevadans will remember the record low unemployment rates and bigger paychecks they’re seeing thanks to President Trump’s roaring economy.”

According to Sen. Booker, his run is about more than unseating the president.

“Yeah, we have to beat him, it’s a floor, but we’re a party that should have bigger aspirations than just removing one guy from office,” he said.

Another Democratic presidential hopeful will also be in Las Vegas this week. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will be in Las Vegas for three stops on Thursday.

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