LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– An Illinois man was arrested in Las Vegas and faces sex trafficking of a child, kidnapping of a minor, coercion with force, and child abuse charges after recruiting a minor to work as a prostitute for him and then physically assaulting and restraining her when she attempted to leave him, an arrest report said.

Tellie Wright was arrested at his apartment on Aug. 23 after one of Wright’s victims told an LVMPD Vice Detective about her and Wright’s relationship that started when she was a minor, police said.

Tellie Wright mugshot (LVMPD)

When the female juvenile victim met the detective near Procyon and Tompkins Avenue, she entered his car and sparked up a conversation which resulted in her offering him oral sex for $100, the report said.

The detective was able to interview the victim regarding her involvement in prostitution and victimization. In the interview, the victim told the detective that she initially met Wright in February 2022 at an Olive Garden and the two ended up having a sexual relationship, police said.

According to the report, during their relationship, Wright would often make comments to the victim about prostitution.

The victim told the detective that early in the relationship she told Wright her age and he told her that he did not have an issue with her being a juvenile but to be careful around law enforcement, the report said.

The victim said that Wright would bring her to his residence in the Blue Diamond area and would present other females that he already had working for him as prostitutes. According to the report, Wright called himself a “pimp” and tried to convince her to accept him as her pimp.

The victim said that she was intrigued by his offer because he promised her large amounts of money, jewelry, luxury clothing, and her own residence if she worked for him as a prostitute, police said.

Wright had given the victim a list of rules for her to follow while she was working for him. According to the report, the rules included, Wright driving her to the “tracks” to work as a prostitute, targeting clients that will pay for her services, and using condoms while engaging in prostitution.

In July 2022, Wright made the victim purchase a hotel room at the Highland Inn using someone else’s identification to avoid attention from law enforcement. While in the room, the victim said she told Wright she did not want to be with him anymore, the report said.

According to the report, Wright got angry and took the victim’s phone when she tried to call a friend to pick her up. The two got into a verbal argument that escalated when Wright pushed her onto the bed, pinned her arms down, and put his entire body weight onto her.

The victim told the detective that she became scared and yelled for Wright to get off of her. The report said that when Wright refused to get off of her, the victim spat at his face.

Wright then hit the victim’s face splitting her lip and also caused her physical pain. The victim said that Wright continued to not allow her to use her phone making her fearful for her life, the report said.

The victim said she was able to eventually leave the room and contact a friend to pick her up.

Police were able to confirm Wright’s phone number that the victim gave from when he previously provided his number to LVMPD detectives from a case where his daughter was a victim of a crime. The report also said that Wright had pawned numerous items at various pawn shops across the valley and used the same number as a contact number.

When police conducted a photo line-up the victim was able to identify Wright saying she was “100% sure” he was the suspect, police said.

Wright was later arrested at his apartment and was brought to CCDC for booking.