LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas is known to many as Sin City. It’s a name locals don’t always appreciate. However, after looking through the long list of hundreds of denied personalized plate requests received by the Nevada DMV over the last year, it’s clear to see there’s still a lot of sin to go around.

A review board with NV DMV reviewed more than 700 requests from July last year to March. The majority of them were different takes on curse words or something sexual. But there were other categories the state assigned to some of them: causes confusion to law enforcement, racist, gang-related, drug-related and derogatory.

There are, however, many requests that were flagged for review but ultimately approved. Some examples are BUTY, DANK, BANGLA, DOBY, RNECK and BEEFYB.


Under the derogatory and profane category, most of the requests were denied. Listed among them are HOLSHT, PHATPIG, DUMA55 and 4LGB.


Drug-related plate requests were also popular. One request was for MOLL13. The person told the state it was for their motorcycle named Mollie. The state said no claiming it was a drug reference to the party drug Molly.


Gang-related rejections were sometimes a little harder to decipher. According to the state, BLSMFA and MLLSMFA wasn't allowed because it referenced the mafia. The applicants wrote it was what Buffalo Bills fans call themselves, the Buffalo Bills Mafia.


Another applicant wanted a plate with OGTAHOE. The state denied it because it said it was gang-related. The applicant wrote it was for their "older Tahoe."

There were only nine requests for plates deemed by the state to be racially based or just racist. One of the applicants wanted WHTCRD, but the state denied it saying it "sounds like pull the 'white card'."


The rules for personalized plates in Nevada

NAC 482.320  Nomenclature used. (NRS 482.160, 482.3667)

 1.  The letter “O,” the letter “I” and the letter “Q” must not be used alone but may be used with a combination of other letters and numbers if the combination does not create confusion between the letter “O” or “Q” and the number “0” or between the letter “I” and the number “1.”
 2.  Only letters, numbers and spaces may be used on personalized prestige license plates. Letters, numbers and spaces may be used in any combination not prohibited by this section or NRS 482.3667.
 3.  A blank plate will not be issued.
 4.  No letter or number may be placed on a personalized prestige license plate upside down or backwards or in other than its normal legible position.
 5.  No more than seven characters may be on any one personalized prestige license plate.
 6.  No combination of letters, numbers or spaces is allowed if it:
 (a) Creates confusion with any combination on other license plates.
 (b) Expresses contempt, ridicule or superiority of:
      (1) Race;
      (2) Ethnic heritage;
      (3) Religion; or
      (4) Gender.
 (c) Contains any connotation that is sexual, vulgar, derogatory, profane or obscene.
 (d) Contains a direct or indirect reference to a:
      (1) Drug or drug paraphernalia; or
      (2) Gang.
 (e) Makes a defamatory reference to a person or group.
 7.  The person who first applies for a particular letter or number or combination of letters, numbers or spaces and pays the prescribed fee for registration and for the personalized prestige license plates has priority to receive plates with that particular letter or number or combination of letters, numbers or spaces once the application has been accepted by the Department.

 [Dep’t of Motor Veh., Personalized License Plates Reg. § IV, eff. 1-21-72; A 10-26-73]—(NAC A 10-26-83; 4-15-97; R095-11, 2-15-2012)

If you come across a personalized license plate that you find offensive, you can ask the DMV to review and possibly recall it using this form:

License Plate Complaint Form (SP 74)

The Department will consider recalling any personalized license plate that:

  • Expresses contempt, ridicule, or superiority of race, ethnic heritage, religion or gender.
  • Contains any connotation that is sexual, vulgar, derogatory, profane, or obscene.
  • Contains a direct or indirect reference to a drug or drug paraphernalia, or a gang.
  • Makes a defamatory reference to a person or group.