LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As Las Vegas continues to come out on top in the entertainment world, 8 News Now took a special look inside the trending world of secret speakeasies. 

Bright lights, spectacular sights and endless entertainment are all staples of the city we know and love, but much more lies behind closed doors than many could ever imagine, specifically the world of “Secret Vegas.”

“A lot of these secret rooms and back rooms are popping up in Vegas,” Noel Bowman, owner of 1923 Prohibition Bar said. “And all over the world.”

These backdoor bars pack a serious punch, but attendees must earn a spot inside. 

1923 Prohibition bar is tucked inside Mandalay Bay, making its mark with bourbon, brews, and a touch of tradition. 

“We have the secret bookcase you get to go through,” Bowman explained. “If you can find us.”

Bowman added that this vibe is all the rage, as Vegas roars back to life, but its real appeal lies in its intrigue and effort to stay unseen. 

“This is really like the 1920s when prohibition ended,” Bowman explained. “And Vegas is really experiencing that, this demand I can imagine in the ’20s when the real deal ended, it was gangbusters.”

“It’s got all these nooks and crannies and hidden areas,” Bowman said of his speakeasy style bar. “That you can kind of go discover.”

Another well-kept secret is downtown, at Commonwealth.  “The Laundry Room” lies behind a secret door within the bustling bar. 

“It is a secluded place, it is out of the way,” Lead barman Anthony Partridge said of The Laundry Room. “You have to be looking for it in the first place.”

Partridge said this surreptitious spot’s main perk is privacy, as it only seats about 20 people and runs strictly on reservations. 

“There are no picture takings and so on,” Partridge explained of The Laundry Room. “So, we try to keep it a secret amongst the persons we bring in.”

Partridge also explained the reactions he sees as patrons view the location for the first time.

“Once they step into the room, you can see them kind of just take it in for a quick second,” he said. “Before they make their way to their seats.”

The Laundry Room is a classic slice of old-fashioned charm with an added character of custom drinks that Partridge creates. 

“I just need to hear a collection of flavors you happen to appreciate,” Partridge said. “And me and my mixologist will try to come up with the perfect drink for you, out of everything that you say.”

Therefore, anyone looking for a unique take on valley nightlife should take part in this modern taste of timeless mystery. 

“These private rooms that are now coming back,” Noel concluded. “Are just clamoring for this type of experience.”

1923 Prohibition Bar also has an extra secluded, private room, which is only open to those who reserve it ahead of time. 

To snag your spot inside, reach out to 1923 and ask about reservation options for their secret room. You can find contact information HERE.

To make a reservation at The Laundry Room, CLICK HERE.