LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— A second suspect has been arrested for the murder of Alicia Gibellina, a Dotty’s manager, killed on May 11 after running after a suspect who allegedly stole a customer’s purse. 

On Wednesday, James Holmes appeared in court and faces felony charges for open murder, robbery, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Samuel Schmid, the other suspect, connected to Gibellina’s death, was the first arrest in the case. Schmid was detained in California on May 16 and is being charged with open murder, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, and battery resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Samuel Schmid appears in court on May 24, 2022. (KLAS)

Police initially reported that Schmid had been working with a coconspirator in the crime in which he targeted a jackpot winner inside the casino.

Schmid reportedly stole the winner’s purse and ran outside, entering a stolen Mercedes GL 550 SUV. Video then showed Gibellina attempting to chase Schmid down in the parking lot while trying to flee. She was then struck by the vehicle and died due to injuries.

Schmid has a criminal history with previous convictions for robbery and stealing and was released from prison in Dec. 2021.

Schmid’s case was continued until Thursday, June 2.