LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A well-known baby food manufacturer announced a major recall this past week on several baby formula brands after several infants became sick with bacterial infections.

8 News Now heard from a family whose son is currently fighting for his life — the second family to reach out in regards to their infant being hospitalized after consuming Abbott nutrition formula.

“I just checked his temperature and it’s 104, and then he is moaning and groaning, and he is red, like pepper red,” said Mellon Ko, grandmother of the child.

Two-month-old baby Dah’veon Jones is currently at Sunrise Hospital’s ICU suffering from severe dehydration and thrush with bowel issues, and he can’t keep down any of his formula.

His grandmother said they are running out of food supply options for him.

“It has me scared because when he gets released, of course they are going to release him with some other types of formula, and who is to say this formula isn’t going to have a recall,” Ko said. “I’ve been hearing that there are moms out here making breast milk for these kids because of this situation.”

Pharmacist Dr. Christina Madison said that while there is a baby formula shortage, with the addition of this recall, it’s eye opening to see how many formulas are made by the same manufacturer, thus not giving many options to parents and their newborns if a particular product from Abbott nutrition doesn’t work out.

“When you go to the store, you have a brand name and then you have a generic name so it’s the same thing with baby formula where they might have one manufacturer but several different products that they make,” Dr. Madison said. “You think you are buying a different product, but really you are just buying the same product under a different name.”

Abbott nutrition had several brands recalled, including Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare.

If formula isn’t working for your child and you are unable to provide them with your own breast milk, there are donor banks available to go to and buy milk.

As for Dah’veon’s condition, he will remain in the ICU at Sunrise Hospital until he is strong enough to be at home on his own.