LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Detectives acting on a tip have arrested a 38-year-old Las Vegas man in the investigation of a December, 2020, homicide in east Las Vegas.

Christian Juarez was arrested Sept. 29 on a charge of murder with a deadly weapon in the shooting death of Anthony Rivero. His brother, Juan Juarez, was arrested Jan. 21, on the same charge, according to a Metro warrant document.

The investigation into Rivero’s death determined he had been targeted after an argument with Janet Juarez, 31, over money. Rivero was the father of Juarez’s child. When he didn’t pay money he owed her, she said she was going to get her brothers involved, according to documents in Juarez’s arrest earlier this year. She was also charged with murder with a deadly weapon.

The tip that led to the arrest of Christian Juarez came in March, prior to Ruiz’s arrest.

The warrant for Christian Juarez’s arrest is the first time the victim, Rivero, has been identified in the investigation. His name was redacted in previous police documents.

A text message from Ruiz to Rivero in December warned him to pay her. “I need my money or Ima pull up my Bullet” … a second message read, “He hot he wanted to pull up on you last night u lucky he was working.”

On Dec. 8, 2020, a text from Ruiz’s phone said she was on her way to pick up the money. She said she would be there in 30 minutes. Just before 2 p.m., a voicemail from Ruiz’s number from an unknown male said, “I’m outside your house how you wanna handle this?”

Minutes later, Rivero was shot as he drove away after another man tried to get into his car while he was in it. When he drove away, a shot was fired, and the victim crashed into a tree in a yard a short distance away.

The car crashed into a yard in the 4900 block of Ronan Drive, just around the block from the victim’s family’s home. The area is just northwest of Nellis Boulevard and Charleston Boulevard.

Christian Juarez is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, Oct. 14.