LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Convicted murderer, Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, 42, is still on the run after escaping from prison Friday at the Southern Desert Correctional Center.

Posters of Duarte-Herrera were plastered in front of local businesses surrounding the prison, stating he escaped on Sept. 27. However, the Nevada Department of Corrections confirmed he escaped from prison on Friday, Sept. 23.

“Most likely that dude is in another state or country by now,” said Paul Lunkwitz.

Lunkwitz is president of the Fraternal Order of Police, a union representing correctional officers in Nevada.

“The inmate was able to defeat his cell window by a combination of battery acid to where he could open his window and get out of there I’m assuming that he worked at that for some time,” he told 8 News Now.

Lunkwitz also confirmed reports that Duarte-Herrera placed a dummy made out of cardboard on his bed, but with the prison being so short-staffed, he said something like this was bound to happen.

“Something like this doesn’t happen to the level that it did with just one breakdown,” he said, “it’s not one person’s fault this is a multi-level thing that factors contribute to allowing this to happen.”

It has also been reported that during the time of the escape, the guard tower closest to the prison’s fence was unmanned. Lunkwitz said the head counts are done up to seven times a day, with correction officers looking inside prisoner’s cells to account for inmates.

The chances of Duarte-Herrera being caught are slim, according to Lunkwitz.

“If he really doesn’t want to be found and he’s really getting out of the country to a non-extradition place or something like that it will take pure luck when you are that many days behind somebody,” he said.