LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Acts of violence in schools have been rising for months within the Clark County School District, and with a mass shooting in Texas that left at least 19 elementary school children dead, it’s clear that violent behavior among our youth is a nationwide issue.

“That’s everyone’s fear, to wake up to a local tragedy that where your kids are in school, that’s a worst nightmare,” said parent and grandfather Edward Holmes.

Holmes shared his thoughts on the horrific aftermath of Tuesday’s mass shooting.

“It’s disturbing and I think children today even, at home they’re a little bit on edge, and it seems like the younger generation is more violent,” he said.

Locally, CCSD has had more than 5,300 reports of violence on school grounds, along with 26 shootings in this school year alone.

The school district released a statement on Tuesday that read, “CCSD continues to review, assess and address the security of our schools to provide a conducive learning environment for students and a positive work environment for our staff.”

Clark County Education Association President Marie Neisess said that with the school year ending on Wednesday, there is still so much work to be done to ensure that the next school year is not a repeat of this past one.

“What occurred in Texas today reminds us how quickly something can happen and how tragic it can turn so there are things that have been put into place, but are they enough? We don’t have enough personnel on our campuses,” she said. “So I think it’s very important that what Dr. Jara wants to implement, as far as safety, continues to be focused on.”

According to CCSD police, officers will be out in full force on school campuses alongside Metro police, North Las Vegas police, and Henderson police on Wednesday.