Rundle Elementary School may look the same from the outside, but take a step inside and it’s a whole new world.

“Our students are very engaged, however, we want to take it to the next level,” said Lenette Reece, principal, Rundle Elementary School.

Colorful walls, inspiring messages and even a painted bookshelf, that will have digital student-created book summaries.

Principal Reece says all of this is a way to make her students proud to be Rundle Cardinals.

“The idea behind that is to make the school very interactive for the students, to make them very excited about being here.”

That includes the preschool hallway, which has mirrors attached to paintings of professionals with different careers.

The point of these mirrors is so the kids can see themselves as anything they want to be, and the larger goal is to inspire them to love learning.

“They have to learn it here in elementary so that they can take it up and continue that love, if they can get it here, it will continue through to high school and they will be successful,” Reece said.

It took all summer to get everything ready and Reece can’t wait to reveal the changes to the students.

“I’m so excited for them to see it, they’re going to walk in and I can’t wait to see their faces and that awe.”

A jaw-dropping start to the new school year.

Quotes also decorate Rundle Elementary’s hallways. Teachers there say they want their students to have access to literature at all times.