School police urge drivers to be cautious when classes begin

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Thousands of school children will once again take to the streets as they walk to and from school starting Monday, Aug. 12. Motorists are advised to be extra cautious.

When classes are back in session, school buses are on out on their routes, CCSD maintenance vehicles are going to and from schools, and parents are dropping off and picking up their kids. The Clark County School District Police Department wants everyone to be mindful of the increased congestion.

“With the 300,000 plus students coming back to school, we’re going to have a lot of parents coming back in their vehicles, as well, in the morning. We ask everyone to give themselves a few extra minutes in the morning, instead of leaving at your normal time,” said Sgt. Michael Campbell, CCSDPD.

That extra time is crucial because the speed limit drops around schools to 15 miles-per-hour. If you’re caught going over that speed, you can expect the fine to double.

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Other big problems include U-turns, double parking, triple parking, and passing stopped vehicles. 

“You can’t pass any stopped vehicle in a school zone. Generally, a vehicle that is stopped anywhere you are not suppose to come flying by in any lane, especially in school zones,” Campbell said. “When a vehicle stops, it’s generally for a reason, a kid could be getting out of the car. We ask parents not to stop in the roadway to let their kids out, we ask them to come over to the curb where it’s safer for the kid to exit the vehicle.”

Campbell says there will be increased patrols around schools at the start of the year, with the help of all law enforcement agencies. 

Campbell says his team also depends on the help of crossing guards. 

“They are at every elementary school. They are at some middle schools where the traffic congestion is not safe and they need help to cross those roads. They are a big community partner, whenever we show up to a complaint or to a school zone to see what’s happening, they are one of my first contacts. They are there everyday. They are our eyes and ears,” he said. 

Putting the phone down, giving yourself more time are habits they want to reinforce. It’ll prevent lots of head aches this school year.  

“We have a lot of road rage incidents in school zones, where 10 minutes before and after school we have this congestion and it just seems a little bit chaotic. It’s done within 10 minutes,” Campbell said.

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