LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The family of 58-year-old Stefanie Turner is devastated after she was killed trying to cross a street on an electric mobility scooter Sunday night, Nov. 28.

Turner was struck at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Silverado Ranch, just down the street from the senior community where she lived.

Stefanie Turner’s family is heartbroken over the loss of their mother. 8 News Now Reporter Kate Houston spoke to Turner’s daughter.

Both residents and family members are pushing for more safety features, wondering how many more people have to die before something is done.

“She was the life of the party, she was loving. She was a Christian woman,” her daughter, Christine Turner, said.

“I moved her out here, and the last two years was the closest we’ve ever been,” Christine added.

Christine says her mother was always positive, which helped lift her spirits as she battled MS, multiple sclerosis, and other health challenges.

“She had gone through so many things. Like, if something were to take her out it’s an accident, it’s insane because her mental strength was so strong,” Christine added.

Turner is not the first person to be killed at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Agate.

Residents at the senior living facility down the street say it’s been a problem for everyone nearby.

Ana Hardaway, a resident, said, “It’s the most dangerous crossing I’ve ever been on because there’s such a length between the lights that people can’t cross and the lights are not really timed that well.”

Hardaway avoids going out at night, for fear of not being seen and getting hit.

“Do I have to take my life in my hands every time I cross the street? And it feels that way,” Hardaway added.

Now residents and Turner’s family are calling for changes, saying there are too many memorials on Las Vegas streets.

“It’s far too many. They’re building the city too fast and they’re not thinking of the people that make Las Vegas great,” Christine said.

People living nearby say a four-way light, stop signs, or a flashing crosswalk would all help them feel safer on this street.

8 News Now reached out to the county on this issue and they made the following statement:

“This is obviously a tragic accident. We will be studying this intersection to see if any changes are warranted.”

Clark County Office of Public Communications