LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– NV Energy is warning consumers of a new scam involving sending money to CVS to pay cash or providing debit cards information over the phone.

“There are going to the customers and threatening to get disconnected. We are seeing that its customers in great standing so they are not aware of our process,” Antoine Tilmon,  Vice President of Customer Operations said.

NV Energy believes it is a new wave of scams with the same goal of demanding immediate payments from the customer.

“The approach that they do is a threat. We are going to threaten you to turn off your power and we have a serviceman in route,” Tilmon added.

NV Energy never calls its customers to threaten immediate disconnection and demand immediate payment. Customers at risk of disconnection receive a 10-day notice on their power bill, then a 48-hour notice in the mail.

“We see they are targeting our seniors and Hispanic communities or customers that don’t speak English as their first language,” Tilmon said. “It’s a financial game for the scammers and if you fall for it they get your money and they are off with it. It’s a financial impact what we are seeing. They change their tactics.”

The Better Business Bureau, also sounding the alarm with online purchasing scams now becoming one of the riskiest scam types. They say the average amount lost in these scams is $750 dollars.

According to the Better Business Bureau, here are the best ways to avoid a scam:

  • Beware of fake websites.
  • Do your research before you buy that item.
  • If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.