Say no to remote working fatigue: How to take back control of your calendar

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — From zoom fatigue to the stream of never-ending emails, many workers are still struggling to find a balance when it comes to remote work. 8 News Now caught up with Matt Martin, the co-founder of Clockwise. He shared insight on how workers can take back control of their calendars And find the balance now that the lines between work and life have been blurred.

When the pandemic first hit, everybody, sheltered in place, and there was a spike in meetings and a reduction overall in the amount of time people actually had to do their jobs.

Hours started to stretch out even longer because people didn’t have the reminder of leaving the office.

Matt Martin started Clockwise, pre-pandemic, to help make the time more manageable. He finds it’s become a very useful tool for people as the meeting culture has shifted.

“What Clockwise does at its core, [is] it connects your calendar and helps you understand how you are using your time, and your colleagues are using their time, and it gives a set of recommendations for how you can optimize your schedule,” Martin said. “It can be things like, this would be a good block to set aside for focus time, or as automated, you giving Clockwise control of a timing of a certain meeting, we will automatically move that meeting, in order to facilitate the best schedule for you.

Clockwise is a completely free program for individuals. But for larger team settings, there is a monthly charge associated with it.

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