LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A businessman devised a one-of-a-kind idea to keep his business alive, and his efforts have many Las Vegas foodies nostalgic about Hawaii.

“Sausagefest, we started in 2011 as a food truck,” said Oliver Naidas, Sausage Fest, Huli Huli Grill Owner.

Oliver Naidas is the owner of Sausagefest restaurant. He says what originally started as one food truck is now four food trucks and one restaurant.

“We opened up this brick and mortar location back in 2016 and completed construction in 2017,” added Naidas.

“We obviously had the mandatory shutdown in mid-march, so we were in the midst of a big convention and expo, which primarily 80 percent of our business is convention business,” said Naidas.

Today, Sausagefest remains closed.

“We were known for our french toast. We do a great hala,” said Naidas.

They even make their own chorizo, which Naidas says it’s a crowd pleaser.

“Looking for an obviously different type of business, maybe a modification of what we currently doing because we had a strong mobile presence with the food trucks,” said Naidas.

Therefore he came up with an original idea — Huli Huli — which means “turn turn” in Hawaii.

Huli Huli Grill came about. Essentially it is a giant rotisserie.

“So they put chicken in these baskets and it turns over coal or mesquite wood or ciave I should say,” said Naidas.

Naidas says they are flattered with the support they have received from the 9th Island Community and although they are primarily a popup right now, they intend to put the grill in front of their Sausagefest restaurant in the future.