LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Sandy Valley residents woke up to their roads destroyed and major flooding. Some residents say the storm water reached their knees. Now, neighbors are helping dig each other out of the damage.

Longtime resident, Larry Alvey, said trash and fixing fences are scattered. “It’s one big Sandy Valley mud pie. That’s what we got going on here,” he stated. When asked how scared they were, he said “That’s what tequila is all about.”

“I’ve never been through anything like that in my life,” Michele Neurauter, another Sandy Valley resident, stated. “I got stuck from my knees down. It was like being in cement. I was worried I would get swept away. I was afraid I would end up in California.”

Debbi McMillan, a friend of Michele Neurauter, said,” I saw it raining yesterday and I thought ‘Oh no, we are going to have another river flowing through.'”

The aftermath was worse, as some roads are now impassable. Clark County Public Works is doing its best to fix the damage, but it is unknown when it will finish.