LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In the wake of recent violence across the downtown Las Vegas area the City of Las Vegas is stepping up security.

In June, two men were shot while inside the Fremont Street Experience, one of which died.

Police later arrested a 16-year-old boy in the case.

Chris Mcmahn from Sacramento California comes to Las Vegas often and knows he needs to be careful when visiting the downtown area.

“They could do better for sure. More security. There are a lot of homeless people but I feel semi-safe,” he told 8 News Now. “A lot of people have guns so it’s worrisome, but it should help.”

The City of Las Vegas said it will now implement metal detectors at the entrance of the experience and add a potential curfew for those under 21.

Andrew Simon the Fremont Street Experience President and CEO sent out a statement on the matter which is provided below.

We established additional security protocols for the special events this weekend and believe the new curfew proposal will be integral to our efforts moving forward.

Andrew Simon, President and CEO of Fremont Street Experience

It’s still unclear how security would regulate the under 21 curfew, but there is already a curfew in place for those under 18 starting at 9 and 10 pm depending on the days of the week.

However, minors are allowed to stay out if they are accompanied by an adult.