LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the pandemic continues to shape the lives of many people on a day-to-day basis, the local domestic violence center, SafeNest is reminding the community that help is always available for those dealing with domestic violence.

On Wednesday, the center launched a new virtual tool geared to helping victims of domestic violence dealing with temporary protective order situations.

“Family court logistically can be very difficult for victims and survivors of domestic violence. For one it’s a shared waiting room so you could be waiting there to testify in your TPO or batterer could be there in the same room so there is an opportunity for intimidation.” Liz Ortenburger, the CEO of SafeNest said.

According to Ortenburger, the center’s hotline call volume is up by 150% since the pandemic began.

Services at the center for mental, physical, and domestic violence continue to help both women and children.

“We know in one case where the victim was doing her TPO over the system virtually from her home and the batterer broke in and began abusing her during the trial, ” Ortenburger recalled.

Whether day or night SafeNest staff say they are ready to listen and provide support, resources, and education to anyone in need, but taking that first step is crucial.

Ortenburger also tells 8 News Now, “What we are able to do here is provide that privacy in the waiting room, support for the kids so if Mom or Dad is coming in to file the TPO the children don’t have to listen to the hearing and we provide a more comfortable environment to do that.”

For more information on services, SafeNest provides to victims click here.

If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, SafeNest has a 24/7 crisis hotline you can call or text: (702) 646-4981.